We are experienced filament manufacturers for 3D printers, based in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. To achieve the best quality, we put all our passion, effort and even though we are rookies in this industry, that does not stop us from bringing high-end products to our customers on daily bases. Our filaments are made from the best raw materials available in the EU.

We are proud that our way to customers is a “green way”. One of our virtues – eco-friendly work style. Our PLA is 80 % biobased, biodegradable, and made of natural raw materials. Reels used in the production process are made from recycled ABS plastic.

Our client’s needs are the most important thing to us. We offer high quality materials with enduring properties and a wide range of colours to choose from (RAL and PANTONE). Every filament can be modified and enhanced specifically on customers demand – from colors to various special additives to the product.

Top Quality

We use high quality materials to ensure a smooth production process and the best quality of the final product. Materials have diameter tolerance of +/- 0,03 mm.


Our PLA is 80 % biodegradable and based on natural raw materials. Reels are made from recycled ABS plastic.

Rich colors

You can choose from a wide range of colours: RAL and PANTONE.


We can modify filaments with special additives, based on our customer’s needs.


We use the latest modern and automated equipment. Currently, we have 2 lines and 2 more lines are underway so we can double our production. We are constantly improving and updating the equipment according to the latest filament production technologies.